Authentic Weather: fucking content king.

Authentic Weather positions itself as the most honest and human weather app out there. Authentic Weather is an app with hell of a interesting personality; it’s rude and vulgar while giving you the weather. Sometimes it’s also sarcastic, which just adds to its uniqueness. First of all, this app is not for everyone. Some people don’t like cursing and the type of tone the app conveys – that’s okay. I want to applaud it for not trying to please everyone. It’s okay to do this kind of stuff if you know your audience. The app provides for quite the authentic experience; actually, it has a great user experience because of it. More so, the app utilizes emotional design to its advantages thanks to the type of language and tone it uses.

Authentic Weather is a simple weather app. There is not a lot of content in it. The app is designed to be very minimal and only tell you the current weather and not much else. You can find the temperature by tapping the screen if you really want to know. Because there is very little content, the information found within the app to the point. This is what makes the experience good.

The cursing is the staple of the app, giving it personality. The sarcasm gives it personality too, it’s just not as prominent as the word ‘fuck’. Emotional design makes sure the user is delighted; having the app say things like “It’s fucking raining right now” or “Fucking love is in the air” does exactly that. It’s different, it’s funny and it enhances the content.

Take away: Don’t be afraid to show off your content in a unique way. Tone of voice is a great way to add a specific personality to your app; this makes the content present itself better.

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